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Contents Table

Subjects covered in LSTDO site


I - Constant articles:
- Home page, reception, symbols, name and key words of the LSTDO.
- Email Direction Contact: to send email to the direction of the LSTDO.
- The goals of the Organization: general principles of the Organization.
- The Supporter helps LSTDO Organization without being a Militant.
- The Militant is a Lebanese person who takes actions in favor of the Goals of the Organization.

- Lebanon is Phoenicia. Summary of the history of Phoenicia and Lebanon.
- Why create this Organization under the ‘Organization’ term?

- U.N. 1559 Resolution: (2004), Concerning Lebanese Independence Restoration.
- U.N. 1701 Resolution: (2006), Concerning war stoppage between Israel and Hezbollah.
- U.N. 1757 Resolution (2007), For the establishment of an International Tribunal for the judgment of the political assassinations in Lebanon since 2004, and, in particular, the assassination of Rafic HARIRI, former Prime Minister. 

II - Chronological articles:

Lebanese events 2010 :

April 28, 2010. Submission of the Lebanese Army Command, as well as 14 March Politicians and Government Authority of the State to the extremism of the Syrian regime and Hezbollah.


19 February, 2010. The election by the proportional rule is not democracy. It gives Mafiosi leaders the power to share authority and money of the Lebanese State.


Lebanese events 2009 :

19 December, 2009. I ask you, Mr. Saad HARIRI, if Mr. Walid JUMBLATT has initiated you to meet and kiss the murderer of your father ?

13 December, 2009. False Lebanese democracy gave birth to a military dictatorship of several clan leaders.

2 October 2009. Why the military should belong only to democratic government ?

1 October 2009. Letter from Carlos EDDE to opportunistic 'leaders' of 14 March Forces. (LSTDO thanks Carlos).

13 September 2009. The Lebanese political armed mafias must be disarmed by force if necessary.
Otherwise, the real democracy in Lebanon
will remain paralyzed.

9-8-2009. Walid JUMBLATT is in panic, as he is afraid of losing his power of Druze Mafia Head.

10-7-2009. Where are they from Democratic Culture, and why they are delaying the formation of the government ?

*4-7-2009.The strong and transparent democracy in Lebanon remains an illusion.

*16-6-2009.Warning to the leaders of 14 March Group: our supporters turn against you if you let Nabih BERRY return to the presidency of parliament.

*22-5-2009.The vote on June 7 is transformed into a referendum concerning armed militias in Lebanon

*11-4-2009: Vote for March 14 candidates!

*25-01-2009. Dialogue Table or dialogue of the deaf ?
*12-01-2009. Gaza War is just one episode in religious extremists racism.

Lebanese events 2008 :

*26-12-2008. HIZBULLAH incompatible with Lebanon Democracy.

*7-12-2008. We will vote against General AOUN.

*26 Nov. 2008: OBAMA raises hopes.

*30 SEP.2008: Reconciliations Masquerade.

*30-7-2008.Bad SULEIMAN-ASSAD Meeting in Paris.

*30-6-2008.Wrong way of the Lebanese President.

* 25-5-2008.Inaugural Address of President Michel SULEIMAN.

*30-4-2008.Lebanese Mafias stole democracy.

*4-4-2008.Call to Army Generals to act quickly.

*28-3-2008.PM Fouad SANIORA declaration.

*15-3-2008.No participation in Damascus Summit.

*5-3-2008.Call for Neutral Democratic Lebanon.

*15-2-2008.Rafik HARIRI third memory results.

* 10-2-2008.Rafik HARIRI third memorial.

* 15-1-2008.Restore Lebanon State.

Lebanese events 2007 :

* 27-12-2007.Political Mafias are blocking democracy.

*15-12-2007,General F. ELHAJJ assassination.

*11-12-2007, Michel SOLEIMAN election is illegal.

*9-12-2007,Michel AOUN was right.

*24-11-2007, SFEIR President ?

*9-11-2007,HARB ou AOUN 09-11-2007.

*31-10-2007, Democratic President Imposition,

*10-10-2007,President delivery rule.

*19-9-2007,Antoine GHANEM murder.

* 15-9-2007,State power partition.

*10-9-2007, LASTDO Presidential Position.

31-8-2007, Presidential Election.

*6 August 2007: deputy election in Northern Metn.

*31 July 2007, electoral conflicts.

*30 June 2007.Current Syrian Lebanese war started in 1969.

*27 June 2007: Solution of the Lebanese Political Crisis by two years Limited Period with a Provisional President, a Provisional Vice-president and a precise Program of Government.

*30 May 2007, U.N. Resolution 1757 (2007).

2 May 2007: why Lebanese soldiers were massacred ?

15 May 2007: the paralysis of the Lebanese State continues.

30 April 2007: to restore an effective government even temporarily and to maintain peace.

20 April 2007: to use Chapter 7/Article 42 of the Charter of the United Nations for murders in Lebanon since 2004.

10 April 2007: Racism in the French presidential election campaign of April 2007.

31 March 2007: to who belongs the authority of the Lebanese State?

**20 March
2007: a new electoral law according to the single candidature in each district of small size with votes in the majority in three turns.

**9 March 2007: the democratic rule, the opening of the Parliament.


To make a letter to contact the direction, only if you wish to be Militant or identifiable or anonymous Supporter.


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Name of the Organization on the French-speaking pages:
Association pour la Démocratie Forte Transparente au Liban (ADFTL)

Name of the Organization on the Arabic-speaking pages:
 التجمع الديمقراطي القوي الشفاف في لبنان

Name of the Organization on the English-speaking pages:
Lebanese Strong Transparent Democracy Organization (LSTDO)


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