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LSTDO/Lebanese events/ April 10, 2007

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04/10/2007: The increase in racism and xenophobia in the French presidential election campaign of April 2007. The same problem is more important in Lebanon.

I- Facts:

The current French presidential election campaign is dramatic in the illustration of the focusing of the debate on the principal topic of immigration, racism and xenophobia. The candidates and the media focus on some topics while thinking of making the difference on these topics to be able to gain the election. Truth problems of the society are under estimated. The future French president is likely to be selected on the only topic of the control of immigration.

This phenomenon is related to the world exacerbation of the ethnic and religious conflicts, with rise of ideological terrorism.
In the Middle-East and Lebanon, the religious and ethnic reflexes continue to paralyze the attempts of democratic rules.

UNO had authorized the American army to release Iraq of a dictatorship so that these people can live in peace and in the democracy. One notes with sadness, that the denominational and anti Western endoctrinations of the popular masses pushed in the fratricidal civil war because of ideological and religious intolerance.

In Lebanon, and since two thousand years, religious intolerance is permanent. Racism is between the citizens of the same country. There are approximately seventeen religious obediences accumulated through the centuries by the immigration of minorities which were persecuted through the Middle-East.

Since the independence in 1943, some Lebanese personalities had succeeded in formulating a tolerant Constitution to form a Lebanese State for all the population. The Lebanese remains principally proud of its family and its religion. Its country comes after and according to safeguarding its religious doctrines. In this situation, it was difficult to join together the moderate ones, and to put out of state to harm those who are extremists. This fragile Lebanon was put in glare at the time of the civil war of 1969 to 1990. The Syrian occupation of Lebanon had continued up to 2005 by supporting the pro Syrian Moslem power and impoverishing the Christian community.

Since 2005, and after the departure of Syria, the Revolution of the Cedar would have had to create a total change of the power if one were in a normal country. Instead of a massive rush towards democratization and freedom, one attends an increase of the physical and psychic terrorism of religious and ideological racism. This situation is worsened by the handling of the Syrian secret service and the Lebanese clan’s chiefs which function for the interests of their clans to the detriment of the general interest.

II- Position of the Organization:

To say that we live in a democratic country does not bring anything in term of guarantees to make respect its rights especially if the democratic debates are between clans chiefs. The fight for social justice must be continuous and be maintained by the militants or syndicated citizens and ground with the true democratic rules in a freedom climate of expression and threats absence. The political candidates are tempted to deform the problems and to handle the media to arrive at the power. If there are no militants able to react publicly against the socio economic aberrations, even in a democracy, one can lead to a go-getter dictatorship, source of injustices. One should not give to a candidate a white chart to manage all the problems of the country to the pretext which he gave a promise on some subjects during his election campaign.

We recommend a true Lebanese parliamentary democracy where the deputies remain free to judge the government on each action and each project continuously, independently of the religious criteria. We want members of Parliament who neutralize ideological and religious racism. The laic State with equality of the numbers of the political leaders between Moslems and Christians can help to avoid inter denominational mistrust.

One needs new rules of operation of the State which lead the politicians to manage the country according to socio economic projects completely independent of the influences of racism and the confessionnalism.

It is also necessary for us that the bordering countries stop making subversive interferences in our country.




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