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Lebanese current events of Décember 27, 2007.
Reflexions on the political and economic Lebanese  news.

Assessment of three years of Lebanese Politic Mafias
(Political Mafias are blocking democracy)

I - Facts:

Please note that the LSTDO political synthesis concerning Lebanon events is based on information from the mostly Lebanese Medias. News could be modified. Our Organization can’t verify every event reality. The LSTDO liability is not engaged for any false information reported by the Medias and that can induce misguided position of the Organization. Any criticism presented by the LSTDO is made to defend the Lebanese people of the middle and poor classes, without any malicious intent, to the persons listed or presumed responsible for damages. The LSTDO is therefore exposed to errors and regrets them in advance.

At the end of 2007, two and a half years after the departure of the forces of the Syrian occupation, we are in front of the abortion drama of the Cedar Revolution. We are talking about the Lebanese false democracy sliding further towards a climate of struggle for power between heads of political mafias.

An important part of the Lebanese Muslim politic group who was subject and cooperated with the hegemonic Syrian regime during the occupation period since 1976, had joined the Cedar Revolution after the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, in 2005. Their leaders are Saad Hariri, a Sunni, and Walid JOUMBLATT, Druze.  

The Christian politicians opposed to Syrian hegemony in Lebanon who were persecuted during the Syrian presence in Lebanon were separated into two groups. The first group has become ally of the Future Movement of Saad Hariri and the Progressive Socialist Party of Walid JOUMBLATT (Group of 14 March) in the hope of creating a democratic revolution and the restoration of state institutions. These are political movements of the Lebanese Forces, members of Kornet Chehwan, and Kataebs. The second group is the Free Patriotic Movement of General AOUN which has been excluded from the SANIORA Government because of his claims of the neglected rights of Christians and his positions against corruption of some leaders of the Group of 14 March. Mr SANIORA preferred to form government, in 2005, by an alliance with the Muslim personalities remained linked to the Syrian regime. They are Hasan Nasrallah of Hezbollah party and Nabih BERRY of AMAL Movement.

Those, who are responsible for the Cedar Revolution of 2005, were wrong not to join the Free Patriotic Movement  of General AOUN into the SANIORA Government, and for having introduced Hezbollah and AMAL in this government. Hezbollah in Lebanon led to the armed conflict with Israel without the consent of the government in July 2006. The pro-Syrian group into the Saniora government has blocked the development of the Cedar Revolution. The move towards a true democracy is impossible with the presence of armed militias belonging to political parties and related to foreign countries regimes.

Following the resignation of Shiite ministers from SANIORA government, the latter has not replaced them, and continued to govern against the Free Patriotic Movement of General AOUN. Political leaders of the Christians Group of March 14 Alliance have promoted the shelving of General AOUN most probably by conflicts of interest for power, what is unrelated to the needs of the Christian people of Lebanon.

The dialogues, who continued for three years outside the democratic institutions of parliament, the government, and the Constitutional Council, are dialogues between deaf without any useful result. Deputies are occupied by sterile conflicts that have nothing to do with the legislative needs of the Lebanese people.


After the end of the presidential term for Emile LAHOUD, November 24, 2007, the post of president of the republic has remained vacant. Each head of the clan seems to want to negotiate insurance on its shares of interests in the future reconstruction of the state. It is customary to say on the streets of Lebanon that the politician buys his voters by millions of dollars. Then he gets more millions in its abuse of power during his mandate. These deputies do not just work for their base salary!

The Lebanese people had voted in June 2005 to elect 128 deputies in parliament. No serious legislative decision has been taken by the parliament in three years. The bulk of the programme promised by the government has not been done.

25 murders and attacks have taken place during this period. No concrete charges have taken place so far. Each attack coincided with the rise in political tensions between the leaders of the clans! It is characteristic of the struggles between local mafias even though it is possible that there are also foreign terrorist interferences.

Hundreds of thousands of Lebanese youths have migrated abroad in search of work. Unemployment is increasing. The loss of Lebanon has become unbearable. The country's infrastructure is in ruins. The state is ridden.

However, politicians have been beautifying their palaces for receiving world's leaders and discuss the "politics of their shares in the future power of the state". Most of the political leaders have their castles, their millions of dollars, their propaganda apparatus and their militias. The dialogues comedy between them is staggering: hauls conditions, changes in decisions, contradictions, scales alliances, threatening statements and appeals for consensus and understanding. There is no respect for State rights, laws and the Constitution.

In total, Lebanon is not subject to one dictatorship. It is subject to several dictatorships, heads of mafias, who are fighting for power-sharing into the State in order to continue to receive shares of the money, borrowed by the State, which will be reimbursed by the Lebanese citizen. In addition, they are receiving money for services to neighbouring countries in handling the racial and religious indoctrination, against peace and the economies of Lebanese middle and poor classes.

Thus, the Lebanese Democratic middle and poor classes seem to have no confidence now in any of the current political leaders in Lebanon. There has never been a true transparent and fair democracy in Lebanon. The sharing of prey, which is the state and its budget, between clan leaders have had nothing to do with real democracy.  


In late December 2007, the Medias spotlight General Michel SOLEIMAN as candidate for the presidency of the republic "to be supported unanimously by the Lebanese”! But we have no his political programme! The heads of clans delay his presidential election, to ensure in advance of their shares into the future power of the State. To date, neither the people nor the parliament nor the Constitutional Council, have been consulted!


II - Position of LSTDO:


How to restore hope to the Lebanese middle and poor classes citizens? The power of the state is torn to pieces by Lebanese mafias headed by wealthy political clan leaders suspected of corruption. There is no hope of finding an independent and prosperous free Lebanon without  the middle and poor classes citizens. The feudal clans that control local authorities in Lebanon have been fleeing by emigration of millions of Lebanese for economic reasons for centuries, with recent aggravation. The system announces the demise of Lebanon. This will happen slowly disappearing by the impoverishment of the people who stay at home and by the Islamic domination of the central authority of the Lebanese State. The LSTDO is created to protect Lebanon from this demise. Our Lebanon is neutral Phoenicia in a peaceful and democratic Middle East with respect and balance between all believers and the secular people.

We advise every Lebanese activist to act with the principles of the LSTDO. You have no need to be stated publicly as member of the LSTDO. You can remain anonymous. You could act with your entourage and relationship:

-- To change the electoral law for a free and democratic election directly in a small constituency to a single post of deputy, in each area. The selection may be made in several rounds by a simple majority, with controlling corruption and cheating. At the national level, to remove religious mistrust, it is essential to have a parliament made up of deputies in half Christians and in half Muslims.

-- Do not be drawn into violence or public disorder, to protect people and the rest of the country's economic resources.

-- Prepare your friends and relationship not to vote in the forthcoming parliamentary elections for the heads of feudal clans and mafias which are well spotted. We must vote for young Lebanese democrats, competent, independent and who are willing to work for the service of the middle and poor classes’ citizens.

-- And, if you feel able to be a candidate in parliamentary elections by supporting the principles of LSTDO, please contact our direction to build your case.

Our hope is to see happen in the future Lebanese parliament a majority of deputies together in a Strong Democratic Group to implement the programme of the LSTDO. Our solution is a Strong Lebanon, Neutral, Independent, Transparent and Democratic. Let the example of a small country, Switzerland, which is home to several ethnic groups with several languages and has been able to avoid the damage of several European and world wars through its Neutrality.



To make a letter to contact the direction, only if you wish to be Militant or identifiable or anonymous Supporter.


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