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April 28, 2010. Submission of the Lebanese Army Command, as well as 14 March Politicians and Government Authority of the State to the extremism of the Syrian regime and Hezbollah.

In preamble, we say that the reader may find below a clear evidence of the submission of 14 March forces leaders under the will of the 8 March forces that are allies of the Syrian regime. They deceived the people of the Cedar Revolution just to stay in power after the elections on June 9, 2009.
The actions and positions of the current president, the current government and the commander of the army are the opposite of the electoral program of the 14 March forces, regarding the key issues for the construction of independent, Democratic and secure statehood, where there is no room for armed militias outside the control of the state.


I: Information from media.
II: The LSTDO critics against 14 March Group, which has parliament majority, and Saad Hariri government.

I: Information from media.

The Lebanese Army Commander Jean KHAHWAJI, "Lebanon will not be an easy transition for Israeli aggression against Syria," the newspaper "Al-Nahar”.

After the succession of statements by President Michel Sleiman, Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri and Minister of National Defense Elias Murr, denying entry of missiles "Scud" in Lebanon, the commander of the armed forces promised "a quiet summer, better than last summer”, and he advises " everyone to benefit, excluding any Israeli attack on Lebanon.”

KHAHWAJI said this in a speech to the newspaper AL-NAHAR. He discussed the various military and security issues, a few days after his visit to military units deployed on the ground in the south.

He estimated that, at any time, Israel could launch a war, but indicators suggest that there is no war in the near future because no compelling reasons could justify it. The south is totally calm on the border with Israel. He added: "I am convinced that there are no Scud missiles in Lebanon and the expression on this subject is political, not military."

In response to a question about the fate of the Lebanese-Syrian military and security Treaty, he said that if Israel acts militarily against Lebanon and Syria, both countries will all face the Israeli aggression. Emphasizing the commitment of the Lebanese Army under the agreement of defense and security issues with Syria, he said that “Lebanon will not be an easy passage of any Israeli aggression against Syria, or any act of terrorism ».

Labor Minister, Boutros HARB: "Maybe one day we wake up in a war that can destroy Lebanon ... we must be cautious and try to defuse the explosive.
Labor Minister, Boutros HARB, regretted the adverse situation of Christians in Lebanon following the actions of some Christians, particularly some Maronites, who have betrayed the principles of the church by making unacceptable alliances for their private interests and their power quest.

He considers, in an interview with the newspaper "Middle East" that MP Michel Aoun and his allies have made a big mistake against the State and the Christian presence in Lebanon, and they have deviated from the designs of their ancestors and Maronite Church in the Lebanese State democracy building. The history of Lebanon will highlight this default. He expressed his belief that the continuation of this fact will lead to the collapse of the democratic system and thus the fall of Lebanon. He recalled that the 14 March Movement continues and has reached many goals. He admitted that this movement had suffered some setbacks, including the release of MP Walid Jumblatt.

The Minister sees the recent developments in Jumblat's attitude is not only a removal of the principles of the Movement of 14 March concerning the role of the army, the state and Hezbollah weapons, but also a contradiction blatantly against his own strong statements against Syria which he expressed at the meetings of the 14March Movement.

He said that Jumblatt's recent aggression against the Christians of 14 March Movement is designed to meet the wishes of the Syrian regime so that he is tolerated within their political spectrum.

He sees that the dialogue table exists and continues for two reasons. The first is positive, because it gives the impression that these politicians do not build barricades and do not kill each other. The second reason is negative because the dialogue table confirms the existence of a dispute over the defense strategy, and will not produce a solution. The age of the dialogue table would be the age of the Arab-Israeli conflict, endless!

He said he had no information on alleged presence of Scud missiles. But Hezbollah has acknowledged that it possesses weapons that transform the military equation. He noted that Hezbollah does not deny it, while Syria denies. He thinks that the fear of these allegations can trigger war or confrontation. "You can wake up one day in a war that could destroy Lebanon, and we must be cautious and try to defuse the explosive," he said.

Newspaper Al-Nahar : "Washington questioned the UN Security Council on weapons of  Hezbollah.”
Written by Khalil Fleihan in AL-NAHAR : “ It is expected that the delegate of the American ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, asking about weapons of 'Party of God’, in a session devoted to the Security Council, April 30, during discussions on 1559 resolution. It is likely that she will raise the Israeli allegations that Syria has sent "Scud" missiles into Lebanon despite the absence of any evidence of his country.
According to diplomatic reporting from New York, the general trend in the Council is not to issue a resolution or a statement after the discussion, as is the case, after all the debates on the report.
In sources from Beirut, officials wondered how useful a report prepared by the Special Representative of the Secretary General in charge of monitoring the implementation of the resolution, Serge Roed-Larsen, who did not come to Beirut and did not saw Lebanese leaders as he did before. The reason for his absence in Lebanon is that a wide range of Lebanese politicians do not comply to receive him. Syria is troubled by his accusation not to implement 1559 Resolution and continues to deliver arms to Hezbollah and has not initiated the border demarcation with Lebanon from the Shebaa Farms. Damascus had tried to invalidate the role of Serge Roed-Larsen, and 1559 and 1701 resolutions but has not achieved its objective. The United States, France and the Secretary General of the United Nations agreed to those resolutions and require the implementation of its provisions in their entirety. Washington and Paris have stressed that the cancellation of these resolutions depends only on the Security Council.
Lebanese politicians criticize the position of the Security Council and believe that many of the Lebanese do not agree. They believe that this Council has not taken a decision against Israel that does not comply with these resolutions.
They regret the policy of the international community with double standard where there is no pressure against Israel to halt settlements in East Jerusalem. This is blocking negotiations with the Palestinians since the resignation of the government of Ehud Olmert.
They were surprised to see the willingness of the United States to know whether HEZBOLLAH received "Scud" missiles, without the presence of evidence of that.
They are surprised about U.S. fears that these missiles may be raised in southern Lebanon with chemical warheads. Then the U.S. government has insisted in the past 24 hours on the presence of standard armament of Hezbollah also. The replies was made by the Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri and Minister of National Defense, Elias Murr, yesterday, who said that there were no "Scud" missiles on Lebanese soil.
They are wary in despite of assurances done by the Personal Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in Lebanon, Michael Williams, who said Israel would not launch a new military offensive on Lebanon. There is no one Secretary General's report on 1559 and 1701 Resolutions, without describing the situation at the border as "breakable". They advise to be extra vigilant against Israel hypocrisy.
The U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Middle East Affairs, Ambassador Jeffrey Feltman said: "If the reports on Scud missiles are true, this is very serious and it will disturb the region."
The Assistant Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs for the Middle East, Ambassador Jeffrey FELTMAN, said “”if the reports speaking on supplying Lebanese Hezbollah militia of "Scud" missiles, by Syria, are true, this become very serious. And we must do everything possible to reverse or cancel any such action””. He said: "If these reports are true, they lead us in the direction of a very great disturbance in the region". He added: "We are still studying the information we have. And we have contacted Syria about it”. He stressed that the source of information on this issue is the United States and not a third party.

Feltman said in an interview with "Al-Nahar" that Washington was committed to a policy of dialogue with Syria, noting on the other hand, the opponents of this policy in the United States found in the trilateral encounter of Syrian President Bashar Assad, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Secretary General of "Hezbollah" Hasan Nasrallah in Damascus earlier this year, the evidence of inefficiency of U.S. government policy. He announced that "if he was Lebanese, he should be very worried on this meeting and its meaning.”

About the Lebanon siege in the United Nations Security Council, and the sanctions demand against Iran over its nuclear program, he said that "Lebanon had chosen to take responsibility for the duties of a member of the Security Council and he is convinced that Lebanon is committed to contribute maintaining peace and regional and international security."

President Michel SLEIMAN addressed the Lebanese community in San Paulo, Brazil, saying that "the Lebanese are ready to confront any Israeli aggression, by their unity of the people, the army and the resistance. »

 President Michel Suleiman, spoke with the Lebanese community in São Paulo in the call for "an adventure to return to Lebanon to rebuild its glory once again as they did their grandparents going to Brazil and building his glory there and in all regions of the world. “! He said that "Lebanon should be the gate of Brazil and Latin America in the Middle East." He stressed that "the Lebanese emigrants in Brazil may have the keys to this door."

He said at a reception made by Consul of Lebanon Joseph SAYAH at Club Monte Libano, his desire to see them in the North, Bekaa, South, Mount Lebanon, Beirut and around the country. He stressed his determination to see all the emigrants united and refuse to receive those who are divisive. He affirmed the right of expatriates to vote and get Lebanese citizenship.

He continued: "Lebanon today enjoys political stability, security and economic development. At the political level, he saw a correct vibrant democratic system with respect to constitutional requirements in a timely manner. Institutions operate regularly. It regained his place on the international map and is respected by all nations, and established diplomatic relations with Syria, which has strengthened the trust between the two countries. Today, the Lebanese flag is in Damascus and the Syrian flag in Beirut."

He added: "In terms of security, I assure you that the army and security forces are doing their job correctly. Israelis consider the importance of Lebanon. The Lebanese will face together and united, army, people and resistance to any Israeli aggression. The terrorism, who tried to hit Lebanon and intimidate the people, was crushed by the Lebanese army in NAHR ALBARED, with the support of all Lebanese people. The army will not leave anybody to threaten the safety of Lebanese citizens. The International Tribunal will work for discovering the truth in the assassination of Rafic Hariri and his companions."

Journal ALRAIY in Kuwait: 1285 is the number of the bill in the U.S. to order to condemn the transfer of missiles from Syria, to the Lebanese Hezbollah.

Kuwaiti newspaper correspondent in Washington reported that, in the accusation against Syria for giving "Scud" missiles to the "party of God" HEZBOLLAH, U.S. Democrat Congressman, Eliot ENGEL, and Republican Mark KIRK, introduced a bill bearing the number 1285, which "condemns Syria for its transfers of SCUD missiles to the terrorist Hezbollah organization and for other reasons."

It was sent to the Foreign Affairs Committee headed by Howard Berman, to be discussed and approved by a vote, and forwarded to the General Congress for the final vote.
In a related context, the experts say that tracking and monitoring the movement of "Scud" missiles is not easy. This is the lesson that U.S. and British forces had learned during the first Gulf War.

A Pentagon official, on condition of anonymity, said that smuggling of "Scud" missiles and their movements in Lebanon without the knowledge of U.S. intelligence or Israelis is "possible but difficult."

The experts further said that it is possible to dismantle the missiles and their mobile platforms to prevent their identification.

Prime minister, Saad Hariri visited the President of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak and said "the president assured me they had made contacts personally to avoid any aggression against Lebanon and the region"!
April 27, 2010.

Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri, announced today a lightning visit to Sharm el-Sheikh, during which he met Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, and was reassured about his health, and had had talks on the latest developments regionally and internationally.

After the meeting, which lasted one hour, Prime Minister Hariri spoke to the press and said, "I met today with President Mubarak and it was a very good meeting, in which I congratulated him for his recovery, and as usual, I received advice from his wisdom and his long-term vision in the region. We discussed the Israeli threats against Lebanon and Syria, as I have informed the international contacts that we conduct to protect Lebanon, especially after the current Israeli threats. I was informed by President Mubarak that he has taken steps to support Lebanon and Syria against Israel. "

He added: " Israeli intransigence against the peace process is unacceptable, and we stand with our Palestinian brothers to create a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital and the realization of the right to return for Palestinian refugees."

He added: "I have assured President Mubarak of Lebanon's immunity against all of internal problems, and that Lebanon's unity is preserved, thanks to God. I insisted on national unity that we must preserve with all our forces. "

In conclusion, Mr. Hariri said: "President Mubarak assured me that his contacts are positive to prevent the occurrence of any Israeli aggression against Lebanon or the region. "

: The Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmed Abu Algheit excluded during his visit to Beirut any Israeli war against Lebanon, was it also the position of President Mubarak?

He replied: Yes, he has reassured me on this subject, and he had contacts on it.

Question: Since there are assurances in this regard, why are you making many contacts in Europe? Are there other things to fear?

He said: We must consider these threats seriously and make the necessary contacts. The charge of Lebanon of presence of Scud missiles transferred from Syria without any evidence is unacceptable to us. We see this as an attempt to present arguments against us to justify Israeli aggression.

Question: There is much talk today on weapons of "Hezbollah". Are not they a problem for Lebanese State?

 He replied: We have a dialogue table between leaders trying to create a defense strategy. This dialogue should be constructive and away from treason charges, or threats of division or provocations. We must give priority to dialogue to preserve national security.

Question: How do you explain the U.S. position, aligned with that of Israel?

 He replied: They say they have information about Scud missiles, and we say they are not sufficient. We have said quite frankly that these arguments are constructed in an attempt to destabilize Lebanon and Syria, and they are unacceptable. We have seen the damage in Lebanon of the Israeli offensive during the 2006 war. Many sraeli spies were arrested by the Security Service and the Lebanese army. We look any accusations seriously and we must make the necessary contacts accordingly.

Question: how you coordinate your positions between Syria and Lebanon?

He said: We are in constant contact with Syria. The important thing is that the Arabs, and we are part, emphasize the process of peace offer. Palestinians have rights to their land, and Jerusalem as its capital, and the return of refugees. We speak on peace while the Israelis talk on war. Hence, we must to alert the international community that Israel only talks about war and threats here and there. Israel does not want peace.
: Is it possible that the Palestinian arms be the argument of Israel for launching a war against Lebanon?

He said: After what we saw as Israeli intelligence agents in Lebanon and the number de people who were arrested, and after hearing the threats posed by Israel now, we say that there is a peace process course, that there are attempts from Americans, Europeans and Arabs underway to revive the peace process. Why then Israel threatens Lebanon in this climate research for peace? The answer is that Israel does not really want to make peace. We must be clear with the international community and say they should put pressure on Israel. Everyone knows what he must do to complete the peace process. The Palestinians know what they should do, and the Israelis also. But Israel does not make serious steps towards peace.

Diplomatic sources said "the illegal weapons in Lebanon will remain a target of both Israeli and American governments. "

Diplomatic sources said to Lebanese Central Information Agency that the visit of French presidential envoys, Secretary General of the Elysee, Claude Gueant, and Presidential Adviser for Public Diplomacy Jean-David Levitte, expected in the coming days to Damascus, are bearing subjects of regional dimensions, and a message to Syrian President Bashar Assad, from President Nicolas SARKOZY. The French president is concerned about the crisis facing the Middle East that may reach the point of no return. They stressed that the delegation would like from Bashar Assad to do maximum efforts to avoid "explosion", which will not spare any country in the region.

II: The LSTDO critics against 14 March Group, which has parliament majority, and Saad Hariri government.

We do not understand the words of the commander of the Lebanese Armed Forces, whose concern is to protect Syria in case of Israeli aggression. This kind of talk-show demonstrates the subordination of military and political leaders, the presidency of the republic and the Lebanese government to the Syrian regime. Is this the wish of the Lebanese democrats? Is this the result of the Cedar Revolution? The commander-in-chief, Kahwaji, wants to maintain the Defense Agreement between Lebanon and Syria, which was imposed by Syria during the occupation. Until now, the Lebanese did not know their fate, and they wonder if the Syrian regime is an enemy or a ‘friend’ with its dominant authority on the Lebanese State? Is this 'surprising friend', who killed us at random and arbitrary, could be an argument of a new destructive invasion of Lebanon by Israel ? And is General Kahwaji managing feelings of tens of thousands of Lebanese families who have been scattered by the killing of this Syrian regime and its mercenaries in Lebanon for 40 years of occupation?

Labor Minister, Boutros HARB, fears the collapse of democratic system and thus the fall of Lebanon. But he does not recognize the failure of the 14 March Forces and their submission to military threats from Hezbollah. He stressed the responsibility of Walid Jumblatt, who is submitted openly to the will of the Syrian regime. He expressed his conviction that the dialogue table is not efficient.
We say that the government failed to disarm the militias outside the authority of the democratic State and we are in danger of civil war or of Syrian and Israeli military interventions, which can divide the country. True democracy has never been transparently applied one day in Lebanon, in an equitable way. The simple possession of light arms by armed and extremist militias causes fear among all communities in Lebanon. Consequently, there is no secured future in a predictable time.

The failure of the 14 March Forces and the transfer of real power in Lebanon to Lebanese mercenaries of the Syrian regime are obvious.

The big mistake is the assertion that Israel is an aggressive nation seeking excuses to attack and destroy Lebanon. Responsibility for any war in Lebanon is linked to the presence of extremist gunmen in Lebanon and the lack of control of the fair democratic State on them.

It is expected that the Security Council of the United Nations refers to the non-implementation of resolutions 1559 and 1701 and establish the responsibility of the Lebanese defeatist government, armed party Hezbollah, Syria and Iran. As for Israel, it only monitors the arming of Hezbollah with its air passages.  Israel has a strategy of preemptive attack. So Hezbollah is a threat to Lebanon, it will not protect the country and it will be eminent cause pushing Israel to further attacks against Lebanon.

The poor Lebanese citizen who seeks its security and livelihood do not realize the need to demonstrate in the streets to pressure the government. There is no way to claim and he stays victim.

In the context of the concern of the United Nations and the United States on security and independence of Lebanon as the security of the region and Israel, it is the urgent need to end the armed militias in Lebanon. But is there a power capable of applying international law and impose peace by force? There is no solution without a decision of the United States and military decision of the Security Council of the United Nations.

We are surprised by the position of President Michel Sleiman, who concludes his visit to Brazil, inviting Lebanese emigrants to return to Lebanon to invest. He tried to hide the truth and shows a ridiculous optimism despite the catastrophic and dangerous reality. The Lebanese are divided, would you like it or not, for serious reasons concerning the future and the survival of their families and their freedoms. The specter of war is at the gates. And occasionally we correct his statement by saying that Lebanese emigrants were poor but not adventurous people who were not supported in Lebanon by a fair State. They were forced to migrate to find ways of survival. Today, they will not return to Lebanon to be stolen by corrupt feudalists who confiscate the State and share it between them. He who returns to Lebanon, will be in a hell, where there is no security, no social services, and no future prospects. He will support the corruption, bureaucracy, cost of living, pollution, the domination of feudal families, and fear of attacks by terrorists carrying foolish beliefs. Whoever wrote this text stresses that life in Lebanon in 1965 was better tens of times compared to our present days. Is it enough to have nostalgia for our Lebanese origin to return and live in Lebanon? " And has the head of State taken action to remove weapons from terrorists and protect the rights of citizens?

Lebanon does not enjoy any security or political stability. The economy is on the brink of the abyss. It is just maintained by remittances from emigrants' money, as a temporary infusion of serum to a dying patient. These emigrants, who try to help Lebanon, have no power to reform the archaic and feudal political system that is gripping the country. They are just being wooed to strip their money.

And the joke of diplomatic relations with Syria is presented as a success, while any problems with Syria are not resolved for years?

We say that in Lebanon there are two peoples who are in danger of a new civil war. One people believe in an extremist resistance, based on racism, archaic religious doctrine and stupid goals leading us to destruction. And the other people want peace and justice for all peoples, Arab and non Arab, and who feel that any armed militia outside the authority of a secular and democratic State is a deadly threat to the country and citizens. We want to live in peace and improve our standard of living.
On 27 April, Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, visited the Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak, and said: "The president assured me personally that his contacts are positive to prevent the occurrence of aggression against Lebanon or the region.»

On what basis is he reassured?

We know that Egypt is in peace with Israel since 1973, and is in prosperity, security and development. Millions of tourists come to Egypt and help its economy. Why such a blessing for Egypt, which is an Arab-Islamic country that supports Arab causes, particularly the Palestinian cause? What is the difference between it and Lebanon, which remains under the yoke of terrorism, war, poverty, under Syrian domination, hit by the disintegration of society and irreversible emigration of its youth?

Egypt signed a peace agreement with Israel after talks. Confidence is born with respect of local and international laws. Above all, Egypt did not allow revolutionary armed militias with religious doctrines to park on its territory.

This was also the situation in Jordan, where King Hussein had been paid to extremist Palestinians the price of peace in his country since 1969.

And if there was a moderate majority among Palestinians and Jews, we would have had peace in the Middle East for seventy years.

As for the neighbor, Syria, claiming that its interference in Lebanon is justified because of its Arab and Islamic brotherhood, it has submitted to its dictatorship authority by forces all the Palestinian militias in its territory without making any effort to liberate the Golan Heights since 1973. Syria exported, trained and armed terrorists in Lebanon in order to swallow this country in opportune time. At the same time, Syria has enjoyed peace since the truce with Israel in 1973. We do not understand why some Lebanese Muslims were blind to their exploitation by the Syrian regime as cannon fodder.

In Lebanon, the Syrians intervened. They exploited the religious racism and pride of belonging to the Arab world to divide the Lebanese. They classified Lebanese as Muslims and Christians. They have armed Muslim extremist militias. They have produced a civil war. They claimed they wanted to enter Lebanon to stop the civil war while they have themselves created it. They have occupied Lebanon for three decades. They facilitated the domination of Lebanese Muslims on Christians. After the withdrawal of Syrian forces in 2005 under international pressure, Syrian interference in Lebanon remained by direct use of their political mercenaries and their militias armed by Syria. The Syrian regime has strengthened the military power of Hezbollah who has become more powerful than the army of the Lebanese State. The officers of the Lebanese army had suffered brainwashing advocating unity with Syria.


Currently, HEZBOLLAH receives weapons and missiles that can strike far into Israeli territory, with support from Syria and Iran.


HEZBOLLAH managed to submit to his will all senior officials of the Lebanese state, including leaders of the 14 March Group, using the pressure of terrorist threats and shady deals. It is also the case of Saad Hariri, Prime Minister, who also became a victim of Syria for the second time. They killed his father in 2005. And now they have crippled its political program and they have converted him to bend to their will.


Three-quarters of Lebanese are afraid of Hezbollah and other Syrian armed militias in Lebanon. And the fear of an Israeli destructive attack increases because of the presence of these militias. The government is paralyzed. Hezbollah has produced its culture of consensus required to impose its opinion. Anyone who dares to oppose HEZBOLLAH is accused of collaborating with Israel and is under threat. HEZBOLLAH confiscated the free democratic power. Lebanon is back under the direct tutelage of Syria and Iran.



We saw no protective action by Egypt or Syria, when Israel struck Lebanon in 2006 and Gaza in 2008.


So on what basis has Saad Hariri to be reassured?


Saad Hariri said he relies on "the international contacts he made to protect Lebanon”. But we say that the real problem is the paralysis of State power within the country and the presence of armed terrorists under the guise of false resistance. The United Nations had demanded the disarmament of militias before anything else. We are not far from Somalia climate where religious terrorists kill and destruct anywhere.


He said he had "assured President Mubarak on the Lebanon immunity against any internal problem, and stressed that national unity is preserved, thank you, God". But we say that the problems are in the internal division among the Lebanese, because of the lack of Hezbollah and other militias’ disarmament, who are opposed to the Strong and Democratic State.


He said, "The accusation of Lebanon having left missiles transfers into Lebanon from Syria without any evidence is unacceptable”.


It appears from this statement that Saad Hariri has lost its freedom of expression after the attack on his supporters by HEZBOLLAH militias, on May 7, 2008. Even small Lebanese children know that Hezbollah boasted of possession of at least 40,000 missiles. Maybe Hassan Nasrallah did not announce the exact figure. But no matter for us the number or type of missiles, when we know that the real problem is the carrying of weapons outside the authority of the democratic State.


And to the question: "There is much talk today on Hezbollah weapons. Is it not a problem for the Lebanese state? He responded by escaping on the existence of a dialogue table for a defense strategy. He has not clarified its position in front of the illegal weapons from the militias in Lebanon. This means that he crashed under the authority of HIZBALLAH and Syria. It is the opposite of what he said to be elected in June 2009.




According to diplomatic sources, it is reported that "illegal weapons in Lebanon will remain a target of both Israeli and American governments."


We say that Israel is looking for his own safety. And the United States appear committed to defending the security of Israel. But America has also committed to defending the security, independence and democracy of Lebanon. The Lebanese Democrat Diaspora is vigilant to watch this topic. We insist that the disarmament of militias in Lebanon is firstly a Lebanese internal need.


We must not forget that small countries can not protect their independence alone. As the Lebanese people aspire to freedom, democracy and modernity, we must have recourse to large democratic countries to protect its independence. One of the criteria of modernity is the prohibition of any presence of armed militias outside the authority of the democratic State. The Lebanese government must respect international resolutions and disarm the militias throughout the territory. The current government has shown it is unable to meet its commitments because of the increased military power of Hezbollah and its support from Syria and Iran. And there is no visible political will of this government to resolve this critical problem.


 As a Lebanese citizen with no sufficient means to replace the State failure, we should at least ask the government to respect international resolutions that protect Lebanon from its hegemonic neighbors. We require a clear political plan, not subject to blackmail, which can be helped by large democratic countries, friends of Lebanon.


We say that Lebanon will be able to maintain its independence in this century because the Western democracies have pledged to defend Lebanon, provided it respects the UN resolutions. If we had not the United States of America to our side, the Northern and central Lebanon were became already Syrian provinces, and the South, a province of Israel.


What bothers us is not Democrat large countries interfering in Lebanon, but their insufficient action to end the crisis. We defend the right and duty to interfere for Major Democratic Countries against all hegemonic dictators and injustices in the entire world.


We ask the military forces of the United Nations to end the presence of armed militias in Lebanon, after finding that the Lebanese government is unable to extend the authority of the democratic State and to preserve the security and the independence of the Lebanese people.



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