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Why the assassination of General Francois ELHAJJ falls

in the terrorist Syrian regime program?

I - Facts:

The General Francis ELHAJJ, head of military operations, was assassinated on 12.12.2007, on the road to his workstation at Baabda.

It appears that he was distant from politicians working to serve the unity of Lebanon throughout his career.

In response to the killing of dozens of Lebanese soldiers, in the summer 2007, by the terrorist group Fateh Al Islam, in northern Lebanon, the army has waged a war to dislodge this group from Nahr El Bared, the Palestinian camp near Tripoli, North Lebanon. The General Francis ELHAJJ was well noticed in his efforts to win this war against these terrorists.

Before the current conflict since there is no election as president of the republic, the head of the army, General Michel SOLEIMAN, has emerged as a consensus candidate to be elected president of the republic. In this project, the heads of the Lebanese political clans had maintained the rumor that they want to appoint Major General Francis ELHAJJ as a future head of the army.

Demonstrators from the Cedar Revolution are convinced and know that the Fateh El Islam terrorist group is the military arm of criminal activists of the Syrian regime in Lebanon.

Until today, the indoctrinated pro Syrian Lebanese terrorists infiltrate all Lebanon institutions including the Lebanese army. Their tasks are to eliminate anyone can reinforce the Cedar Revolution and independence of Lebanon. They work to the Syrian desire to dominate Lebanon. Therefore, we are not surprised by the murder occurrence of a man who could improve the reconstruction of the independent Lebanese state.

Most Lebanese officers are against the Syrian hegemony in Lebanon. The assassination of General Francois ELHAJJ can enroll only in a context of terror maintained by the Syrian regime to alienate and continue to alienate the Lebanese leadership by the fear of being murdered. The assassination is therefore in the series of similar murders that have taken place in Lebanon since the revolutionaries of the Cedar had begun to express openly claims the departure of the Syrian army from Lebanon in 2004.

Our great bitterness today is the fact that the disposal of Lebanon by Syrian terror continues to impede independent reconstruction of the state of Lebanon. Negotiators of 14 March group, who rule the Lebanese government, have already sold on the essential facing the fear of military actions of Hezbollah and pro-Syrians against them. There is no military balance because Western countries and Saudi Arabia seem not consider sufficient military responses against the pro-Syrians or Syrian regime. On the ground, the politicians of the Lebanese Cedar Revolution have not yet been able to demonstrate they have the military means to defend themselves. On the contrary, as we approach the risk of armed conflict, the most virulent as Mr. Walid JOUMBLATT demonstrated a surprising docility to the Syrian regime as if they were helpless hostages.

The Revolutionaries of the Cedar want to make believe that they rely on the current Lebanon Army to disarm the pro-Syrians and Hezbollah. But the army and the internal security services are still weak and heavily infiltrated by the pro-Syrians. The assassination of General Francois ELHAJJ in the military area of Baabda is one proof.

The General Michel AOUN and his political group, mainly Christian, had understood before others that the confrontation with Hezbollah leads to disaster and the division of Lebanon. He proposed the postponement of the disarmament of Hezbollah and the sharing of power of the Lebanese State to avoid an imminent civil war. Their proposals are offered to dialogue. Christian Politicians group of March 14 today have no military means of their ambitions.

II - Position of the LSTDO:

The Ideal of the Lebanese Strong Transparent Democracy Organization is a constant and inalienable position. We must fight for democracy, respect for the Constitution and independence of Lebanon. We therefore condemn any interference by religious and ethnic regimes in the Middle East into Lebanon. The assistance of Lebanon may be accepted only with the intention to move Lebanon toward democracy, neutrality and independence. Lebanon, who is Phoenicia, should not be subjected to any empire!

At the present harmful religious indoctrination of Lebanese that stalls democracy, we are realistic and pragmatic. We continue to call on the Lebanese democrats to come together in a coalition strong majority. We continue to condemn the hostility between General AOUN group and the 14 March group. Both groups aspire to democracy. But with the lack of transparency of political actors, we do not know the rear thoughts of their conflicts. In any case, the lack of agreement between these two political democrat groups is the main cause of the ruination of Lebanese and the Lebanese State.



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