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Lebanese current events of 30 june, 2008.
Reflexions on the political and economic Lebanese  news.

The wrong route of the new Lebanese President.
An open letter to Mr Michel SOLEIMAN, President of the Republic of the dying Lebanon.


Mr President,

It is with great bitterness and a great revulsion against Lebanese politicians, heads of mafias, which I am speaking to you before we see, again, Lebanon falling into civil war and division.

Your speech at the inauguration of 25.5.2008 had given hope to the Lebanese democrats and pacifists. We want a state of rights and the immediate disarmament of all militias and all armed terrorists on Lebanese soil.

Your first steps show that you are going to continue to wait agreements compromises between the heads of Lebanese political mafias that destroy the rights of the Lebanese people since 1969. You made a wrong road if you do not use the army and judiciary to immediately apply the Constitution, the laws and the Lebanese democracy, to run state institutions and disarm all militias in Lebanon.

The only dialogues place in a democratic country is the parliament. We want transparency at all levels of State Institutions. The promises of dialogue meetings outside the parliament are anti-democratic. They lead to a sharing of resources of the State, between heads of mafias according to their military and financial means.

The army is not meant to come between armed militias. His duty is to disarm all persons not authorized to carry weapons, arrest the culprits and bring them condemnation by the courts according to Lebanese laws. The safety of persons and properties must be secured firmly to stop the destruction of Lebanon.

The Hezbollah militia is not resistance. It is only an armed tool that prevents the functioning of democracy in Lebanon. It is the cause of the destruction of Lebanon by the Israeli army in July 2006 and it prepares a new excuse for the government of Israel to invade Lebanon.

The association of Lebanese political leaders feudalism with armed groups for decades have emptied Lebanon from its youth and its brainpower. The implosion of the country would become inevitable if you continue on the same path.

You cannot count on democratic countries such as Europe and the United States of America if you do not take the proper orientation clearly against the presence of armed militias on Lebanese soil. The integration of Hezbollah militia in the Lebanese army can promote a military coup to establish a pro-Syrian Islamic dictatorship in Lebanon. They have already started to kill army officers who do not follow their totalitarian policy.

You cannot build democracy and peace if you try to please the killers and terrorists. The army must have a political doctrine of enforcement of democratic laws. It is the opposite of its interposition between the aggressor and the aggressed!


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_ LSTDO/ 30-6-2008.The wrong route of the new Lebanese President_