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Friday 26th, December 2008.

HIZBULLAH, extremist religious party, proud on its military strength, is not compatible with democracy in Lebanon.

I - Facts:

On 5 November 2008, the heads of Lebanese political clans gathered at the Presidential Palace at Baabda under the chairmanship of Michel SLEIMAN, president of the republic. They found their differences. The meeting adjourned dialogue, hoping peace or truce between them until the parliamentary elections of spring 2009. A defense strategy draft presented by the opposition was not accepted by the representatives of the parliamentary Majority.

On 11 November 2008, Hasan NASRALLAH, secretary general of HEZBOLLAH, has expressed his joy to see the Republican Party to lose the U.S. presidential election. He considers himself a winner against the administration of George BUSCH, outgoing president. NASRALLAH insisted on creating a defense strategy in Lebanon to maintain its autonomous armed militia and to act freely on Lebanese soil. General Michel AOUN, now converted pro Syrian and HIZBALLAH ally, had presented this vision at the last meeting of the dialogue in Baabda. On the pretext of defending Lebanon facing Israel, NASRALLAH said that the resolutions of the Security Council of the United Nations can not protect Lebanon and he trusts only the Lebanese military resistance.

On 11 November 2008, former president of the republic and leader of the Christian KATAEB party, Amine GEMAYEL, responded to NASRALLAH. He said that General AOUN’s proposal to decentralize the military decision in Lebanon is unacceptable.

On 23 December 2008, the belligerents on the dialogue table met for the third time under the chairmanship of president Michel SOLEIMAN. They concluded to maintain civil peace among themselves and create a Proposals Reviews Commission on the defense strategy of the country. Samir GEAGEA had presented its draft which opposes the HIZBALLAH draft while enjoying the military competence of that party. He called for Lebanon Neutrality in the Middle East conflicts, support for Palestinian Rights, strengthening the Lebanese army and that the military decisions must belong to the authority of the Lebanese State. He found that the military militia organization of Hezbollah is useful but that it must be integrated into the army to have legal status!


II - LSTDO Position:

The elements mentioned above show a limited overview of the serious problem of the presence of armed militias in Lebanon outside the authority of the democratic State.

The Lebanese opposition believes it can mislead the public by claiming that armed militias were essential to the defense of Lebanese territory. In fact, all armed militias are under the authority of Syrian and Iranian Regimes. They are an obstacle to peace and the authority of a democratic State in Lebanon.

In fact, since 1969, This is the presence of various armed militias which created civil wars, and military interference of Israel and Syria in Lebanon. The insecurity of people and goods due to the weakening of the authority of the State by the powers of these militias has continued depletion of Lebanon. The mass exodus of young people abroad in search of workload places, the civil and social destruction of many Lebanese because of mistrust and doctrinal religious extremism, and economy destruction of Lebanon, all are the direct consequence of the armed militias.

Most Lebanese do not believe that armed and indoctrinated militias in Lebanon are created only to defend themselves against Israel. They seek to impose a pro-Syrian and pro-Iranian policy in Lebanon. HIZBALLAH wants to dominate the Lebanese State to lead us into the anti Western bellicose which is dangerous and unnecessary.

Israel is not an enemy State for many Lebanese. The Arabic States of Egypt and Jordan had accepted the compliance of Israel to live in peace and since no Israeli aggression occurred against these States. The majority of Palestinians calls for a peace agreement with Israel by adopting two independent non-belligerent neighboured States.

Many Lebanese believe that the enemies of democratic Lebanon and the peace are the pro Syrian armed groups in Lebanon. HEZBOLLAH is the main enemy of democratic Lebanon. The Syrian regime that supports these militias is, by far, much more dangerous then Israel to Lebanon's future.

True Lebanese do not believe in the future of an independent and democratic Lebanon as long as armed militias continue on Lebanese soil. It is unimaginable to believe that integration into the Lebanese army of a  religiously indoctrinated militia could help Lebanon independence and the democratic secular Lebanese society.

Thanks to the 1559 resolution of the Security Council of the United Nations and the U.S. administration of George BUSCH that the Syrian army was driven out of Lebanon in 2005.

It is thanks to resolution 1701 of the UN Security Council that massacres and destruction caused by Israeli bombing of the war of July 2006 were arrested. HIZBOLLAH had triggered this murderous war mainly on innocent Lebanese. NASRALLAH is still proud of this war believing he had won!

NASRALLAH knows that Israel has atomic bombs. He also knows he can not win the war against Israel. He chose terrorism. He wants to fight using human flesh of the poor young Lebanese, religiously indoctrinated to believe in a false paradise by the cult of martyrdom. This bellicose choice prepares unnecessary wars, deadly and destructive for Lebanon.

The leaders of the Democrat Lebanese State must find ways to stop being afraid of these extremist terrorists and put them out of harm.

We support Lebanon's Neutrality in the conflicts in the Middle East. We want a secular democratic State with religious balance in public posts by half for Muslims and half for Christians. Secularism is not incompatible with religious fairness to remove political manipulation of religious sentiment. It is not religious leaders who choose the officials of the State. They will be selected by their qualities and by democratic elections.

No Lebanese can be pleased to invest on the territory of Lebanon as long as armed militias stay on the ground in the country. The democratic State must disarm all militias and especially all those connected with hegemonic regimes in the Middle East.

The civic and cultural education of Lebanese soldiers must be reconsidered in favour of democracy, independence, neutrality of the country, and the secular government of Lebanon. We reject any integration into Lebanese army of militia which is indoctrinated for terrorism and religious extremism.



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LSTDO/ 26-12-2008. HIZBULLAH, extremist religious party,  is not compatible with democracy in Lebanon.