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Saturday, December 19, 2009.

I ask you, Mr. Saad HARIRI, if Mr. Walid JUMBLATT has initiated you to meet and kiss the murderer of your father ?

I - Facts:


Mr. Walid JUMBLATT had obeyed and done business with the Syrian regime for 24 years while he had said his father, Kamal, was assassinated by the Syrian regime of Hafez ASSAD. Following the elections of June 7, 2009, Walid chose this bend again at the foot of his jailers in Damascus. Let's say he has shown he is opportunistic and thirst for power and money, and he is always ready to ally with his former enemy, provided he keeps his feudal power.


Today, the media show us hugs at Teshreen palace in Damascus between President Bashar ASSAD and Lebanese PM, Saad HARIRI. No, we did not vote for Saad to see that! Some serious cases of litigation concern the Syrian regime with no solution so far.


In recent days, pro-Syrian Lebanese political leaders and even some who opposed the interference of Syria in Lebanese affairs moved to Damascus to express their bids to the Dictator. Two surprising figures have made the journey, General Michel AOUN, and the head of the AMAL-HIZBULLAH clan, Mr. Nabih BERRI. The Head of State Michel SLEIMAN has crowned the scandal by going to listen to Bashar ASSAD after his visit to the United States where he saw President Barak OBAMA.

II – LSTDO Position:


The vote in Lebanon in 2005 and 2009 gave the majority to 14 March Forces in order to build a Strong Democrat Independent Transparent Neutral State, and suspicious of his enemy scavengers whether Syrian or Israeli. That does not mean we are against the rights of Syrian and Israeli peoples. Independence and peace in Lebanon depend on protecting the country from both the Syrian regime and the Israeli government policy.


The search for peace with Israel was always passed through diplomatic channels. Whenever the dispute is not resolved we have not official visits between Israeli officers and Lebanese counterparts. The Israeli aggression against Lebanon has caused destructions and human tragedies since three quarters of the last century. We want peace with the Israelis on the basis of respect for human rights and peoples’ freedom.


We hope the same thing with our Syrian neighbors. Human rights are universal. The democratic change is inevitable. Dictators can only delay the advent of modern democracy, nothing more. We must therefore negotiate with the Syrian regime through diplomatic channels to resolve our disputes. The opposite is a submission! The Syrian regime has done much damage to Lebanon as far as the Israeli State.


Also, to see the group leader of the 14 March Movement in Damascus alone to talk with Bashar ASSAD when he did not declare any promise of resolving disputes, akin rather to a submission visit to blackmails organized by the Syrian regime and its Lebanese mercenaries since 2005. The humiliation is large and unacceptable.


We are not hostile to Mr. Saad HARIRI. Instead, we have pity for him. And we do not understand why he was put in this position of submission and supplication in front of person who is suspected of murdering his father, there is just 4 years!


If the International Tribunal for assassinations in Lebanon condemns Bashar ASSAD as a sponsor of these murders, then how do Saad HARIRI and Walid JUMBLATT behave ? Or will we see Bashar require both men to act in politics to prevent the court to tell the truth. Are they willing to betray the memory of Rafik and other martyrs by cover-up of his murder just to run their political and financial affairs ?


The Syrian regime has committed 30-year occupation of Lebanon on the endless killing of simple and poor Lebanese who are as important for us as any politician.


Thus, we strongly condemn the error of Mr. Saad HARIRI, Prime Minister, for agreeing to travel to Damascus and see Bashar ASSAD when there has been no resolution of pending litigations.


Also, we condemn the attitude of President Michel SLEIMAN, who went to Damascus to receive orders from Bashar. Officials of the Lebanese State should be respected and negotiate with the Syrian regime through diplomatic channels before any meeting which could be the culmination of agreements prepared beforehand.


As various politicians who rushed to seek the support of the Syrian regime by moving to Damascus before the president and prime minister, it is enough to make them pursued. They can be regarded as mercenaries plotting with foreigners against their own country. This applies to Nabih BERRI, Michel AOUN, Hasan NASRALLAH and other pro-Syrian Lebanese politicians. They behave as if the Lebanese State does not exist, and as if the occupation of Lebanon by Syria continues.


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I ask you, Mr. Saad HARIRI, if Mr. Walid JUMBLATT has initiated you to meet and kiss the murderer of your father ?