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Lebanese current events of 15 March, 2008.
Reflexions on the political and economic Lebanese  news.



We reject any Lebanese participation  in Damascus Arab Summit

And we demand the strict control of the Syrian border.


I- Facts:

The Summit of the Arab States’ Chiefs is programmed by the Arab League in Damascus on 29 and 30 March 2008. Lebanese Medias cultivate the importance of the presence of a Lebanese Chief of state at the summit! What is the interest of Lebanon to participate at this summit of a neighbor who does not recognize its independence and using terrorists to assassinate his political figures?

The talks known among leaders and the various foreign ministers of most Arab countries have shown that there are differences on the issue of Lebanon. Most, apparently, are in favor of the independence of Democratic Lebanon and support the early election of a president of the republic, but is saying, of "consensus". The Syrian regime and a few other countries want to keep a power of veto of the Syrian regime on the future political authority of the Lebanese State. To do this they require agreements with the Lebanese Opposition which is armed and financed by Syria and Iran.

Most Lebanese politicians do believe that we must wait for the agreement between Arab countries to make progress in the functioning of the Lebanese state! There were French, European, UN mediations, and soon there would be a Russian mediation.

The Chief of the army insists on its "neutrality", between "murderers" and "victims". He even stated that he will not stab Syria in the back. He expects to become president with the support of Syria, which has appointed him as Chief of the army during the Syrian occupation.

Even the leaders of the 14 March Group, in solidarity with the Saniora Government, who are encouraged by the support of Democratic countries and the United Nations, do not dare to apply the Constitution to elect a president by a simple majority. They rely for protection on the Lebanese army, which is still infested by pro-Syrians.

Mr. SANIORA, prime minister, made an effort in Dakar for a statement of support from the Organization of Islamic Countries in favor of the election of a president in Lebanon. What is the utility of these efforts?

Some Democrat defenders of the independence of Lebanon still exist, despite everything, into the ranks of General AOUN supporters and also into the Shiite community in Lebanon. They are largely swayed face of the incomprehensible intransigence of their leaders who block the functioning of the state and are manipulated by the Syrian regime.

II – LSTDO Position:

Our Lebanese leaders put us in the mud, the shame, the desperation, the dizziness, the disgust, and the economic ruin. But there remain a few who speak just like the statements, on March 15, 2008, of Carlos EDDE on LBC. But, those who speak well do not have the means to act!

The simple rules and good sense of democracy are not applied in Lebanon: opening of Parliament, disarming the militias, democratic elections according to the Constitution, regular meetings of Ministers Cabinet, the resignation of a minister immediately accepted and his immediate replacement, checks by the judiciary of all outlaws, and so on.

For the safety of Lebanese and the State, the army and internal security forces must control all the country to disarm all militias. They must also monitor the border with Syria. It is already closed with Israel. Today, a self-respecting State protects itself from its enemies before any dialogue. We must be on the defensive militarily and effectively. If the army does not obey the government, should be excluded from the army all soldiers who do not follow the Democrat government. If Hezbollah is a threatening force against the Lebanese government, the latter should balance its military forces as soon as possible and without hesitation to prevent Hezbollah to harm the security of the country. It is ridiculous to talk with an armed group while wishing to remain oneself disarmed. The current climate of dialogue may last for decades without any result other than the ruin of the country and the emigration of all young people.

No Lebanese responsible should go to the Arab Summit in Damascus. There is evidence that acts of terrorism and assassinations have been sponsored by the Syrian regime in Lebanon. The fact that the Lebanese do not dare to elect a president according to the Lebanese Constitution gives the killer reason to continue to sow terror in Lebanon! It's even more outrageous that the Lebanese leaders want to represent Lebanon at the murderers’ house in Damascus. How can we admit to continue to pretend to mollify the Syrian regime while in a few months the international tribunal for the trial of the assassination of Rafik HARIRI and other Lebanese political figures would point fingers, depending on the medias, most likely to blame the Chief of Syrian State ?

When a couple is in permanent conflict, one may divorce. Everyone lives freely and we are not obliged to keep in touch with each other. We are modern, democratic and respectful of the rights, or we are obsessed by certain religious and archaic racial principles which are old of two thousand years and which leads us to destruction. We must choose. The Syrian regime has taken the Lebanese as slaves subjected to thirty years. It is no longer a question of a dialogue with it. Each people live in his own house.

We condemn all supplications to that some countries of the Middle East and elsewhere should be the intermediary to seek the support of the Syrian regime to facilitate the election of Lebanon president. Our approach to the problem was totally opposed. Friends and Democrat Countries, if they want to help Lebanon, must help us to give us the means to defend ourselves and effectively prohibit Syrian interference in Lebanon. The turmoil responsibilities in Lebanon are Lebanese or Lebanon residents. These are used by the Syrian regime. They must answer for their crimes in face of the democratic authorities of the country. Anything they say, they will have no legal argument to defend their manipulation by Syria or Iran.

Finally, we ask:

-- That the army is at the service of the government majority of the Lebanese state,

-- That the army is organizing the strict control of the Syrian border and prevent any illegal trafficking between the two countries,

-- That the Lebanese government prohibits all illegal financing of subversive groups in Lebanon,

-- That the judiciary should act quickly and independently to put out of business any person convicted on Lebanese soil, being backed by the security services, population and the army,

-- That parliament would be permanently opened to elect a president, elect a new government, opt for a new electoral law and run the state in compliance with the Constitution,

-- Government team that specializes in emergency to solve economic and social problems in fundamentally changing the functioning of the Lebanese economy in the context of the closure of borders with Syria,

-- And that the government rejects any participation in the Arab League Summit in Damascus, as the Syrian regime does not recognize the independence of Lebanon and draws all the consequences.



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