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Lebanon is Phoenicia
Summary of the history of Phoenicia and Lebanon


Phoenicians before the Christian era:

There is more than 2000 years, the Phoenicians lived with the territory of current Lebanon, the east of the Mediterranean and the north of Israel.
They travelled by boats and traded with the whole of the people of the Mediterranean circumference.

They had created the Phoenician alphabet, first alphabet of humanity, and had cultural and monk exchanges at the time of the Romaine Empire with the Greek, the Egyptians, and the Israelis.


From the first to the sixth century of the Christian era:

The Phoenicians had adopted Christianity and had given up the old beliefs.


From the sixth to the nineteenth century:

The Phoenicians had undergone successions of invaders to the various Moslem and Christian religious ideologies.

At the sixth century, with the Arab-Moslem conquest of the Middle-East and the North Africa, part of the Phoenicians adopted the Islamic religion.

Through these centuries, the ideological and religious wars of the Middle-East worked the Phoenicians in seventeen different Christian and Moslem religious clans.

The Arab and Moslem domination through these centuries, made lose to the Phoenicians their old languages, the Aramaic, the Assyrian and the Karchouni. At the twentieth century, all the Phoenicians became Arabic-speaking people.

The Christian Phoenicians were in a majority in Lebanon. But the religious wars with repetition had caused exoduses of the Christians towards the Occident. The Christians in the Middle-East became minority into the country.

Through these centuries, the Phoenicians always tried to preserve an internal share of autonomy from the empires which dominated them.


With the twentieth century, birth of Lebanon, son of Phoenicia.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the cultural and social evolution put in advance ideas of human rights, independence and democracy. The decline of the Moslem Ottoman empire and the support of France had given hope to the Phoenicians to have an independent state, Lebanon. The French culture had influenced the evolution of the people of Lebanon thanks to privileged and continuous bonds with France since the thirteenth century.


Since 1943, Lebanon is a republic, independent and wrongfully democratic. The Lebanese State regularly underwent regional and international pressures.

The Lebanese State is weak. It is permanently threatened by the totalitarian regimes of close countries. It counts on the United Nations to protect its independence.

But the principal danger which threatens peace and the existence of Lebanon comes from the historical past of the Middle-East which caused the racial and religious indoctrination of much of Lebanese in their making forget that they are only the descendants of the Phoenicians, whatever they are their religions.

This racial and religious indoctrination made it possible totalitarian regimes in the Middle-East to create bunches of hostile Lebanese fanatics who are against the independence and the democracy in Lebanon. According to their obedience with such or such other no democratic regime in the Middle-East, these people dream to Arab-Moslem empires where Lebanon should be annexed and submissive.

These bunches were used on several occasions since 1943 to create civil wars in Lebanon. Thus the regime in power in Syria which does not recognize the existence of Lebanon could occupy the country since 1976 up to 2005.

Many the Lebanese Moslems became aware after the assassination of Rafik HARIRI, former Prime Minister, in 2005, of their handling and instrumentations by certain regimes in the Middle-East. They were combined with Christian political forces to make leave the Syrians out of Lebanon with the assistance of the United Nations.

But it remains too much to make safe the country.


What can be done?

When the Lebanese ones feel, initially and above all, Phoenicians, Lebanon will be in peace.

The patients of the fanatic indoctrination must be contained and looked after. They should be prevented from harming themselves and all the country. They represent a threat of collective suicidal implosion. The democratic culture must be developed. The religious educational programs must be controlled and modulated in favour of the tolerance, of the respect of the others, the absence of the worship of the religious martyr, and the separation of the State of any religious power.

It is necessary to prevent any relation between Lebanese bunches and terrorist organizations or totalitarian regimes abroad which have desires to annex Lebanon.

Lebanon, small and weak country, does not have the means all alone to protect itself from the regional hegemonic powers in the Middle-East. Its possible annexation by a nearby State can only generate the regression of the human rights, the economic destruction, violence and poverty. The people of Lebanon open to the modern cultures are likely to be drowned in a Middle-East which continues to suffer from illiteracy, poverty, of totalitarian propaganda, and of interethnic violence of another age.

The people of Lebanon must carry on his modern cultural way while remaining opened with modern knowledge of the Western world, and with the democracy like modern doctrines of the management of the rights of the people. Mankind did not find yet better than the democratic rules to manage the permanent conflicts into the society and between peoples.

Lebanon can find protection by alliances with the democratic countries. The United Nations in spite of its defects remain an inescapable refuge for the weak countries like Lebanon.


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