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Siniora says only president can represent Lebanon

and blames Syria for Lebanese presidency vacuum


This is a copy of 14 March Group article about Prime Minister Fouad SANIORA statement on March 28, 2008 concerning Syrian interference in Lebanese affairs.
 The Lebanese Strong Transparent Democracy Organization supports the government Demands against Syria Regime, but with one remark to Lebanese citizens: we call for Neutrality of Lebanon as Switzerland in its dealings with the European countries. We will never have peace when we call non democratic Arab countries to resolve our problems. What is needed is to stop any interference of any Arab countries into Lebanese matters. Lebanon is Phoenicia.


The Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, Friday evening, addressed a message to the Lebanese and Arab officials, explaining the Government's position on current developments, and the reasons for its decision not to participate at the Arab summit, and guaranteed vision of ways to deal with the crisis and ways of solution.

The following is the Prime Minister Fouad Siniora speech at the eve of the Arab summit in Damascus on Friday 28/03/2008:

(Translated from Arabic)




Dear Lebanese throughout Lebanon and the countries of expatriation,

Dear brothers and the Arab brothers,

Dear brothers in sisterly Syria,

I wanted to speak to you all today, the eve of the Arab summit to be held tomorrow in the dear Damascus capital. I headed in that, too, to Your Majesties and sovereignty, Highnesses and Excellencies, as well as the Lebanese brothers, the Arabs and the Syrians, with the language of brotherhood and genuine openness.

We would not disclose a secret if we say that relations between the two brotherly Lebanon and Syria were not good in recent years, and no longer as we wanted them normal, and solid between two neighbours and two peoples and two brothers. Having led us to stand in front of the problems in these relations in view foresight remedies and work for not exacerbating.

The Lebanese Council of Ministers adopted a few days ago, and with much regret, a decision not to participate in the Arab summit. The immediate cause for failure to attend this summit is to emphasize that Lebanon is represented usually by the President of the Republic, in any Arab summit, which distinguishes Lebanon particularity and diversity. Lebanon president is the only Christian leader among Arab leaders. We wanted it behind the show's insistence that the Lebanese refused to adapt to current bad reality which is opposite with our Taif National Accord and with our Constitution. Lebanon is based upon the rules of our parliamentary democracy that we want co-existence and operational. We are, unfortunately, waiting more than four months on the vacuum of the presidency in Lebanon. Syria played a negative key role, by the intensification of the political crisis in Lebanon. Syria has scheduled constant interference in Lebanese domestic affairs in preventing the arrival of the compromise candidate to the presidency. Syria obstructed the Arab initiative, and disrupts efforts made by the Secretary-General of the Arab League. Syria influenced to blockage of the Lebanese Parliament for more than sixteen months.




Your Majesties and sovereignty,

Dear Lebanese,

Brothers Arabs,

The Lebanese Government reiterates its desire to establish a fraternal cooperation, healthy and positive between Lebanon and Syria, based on the firm foundations of mutual respect for the sovereignty and independence of both countries, and on the basis of non-interference in their internal affairs. The Lebanese government Conscious denominators and common interests are to bring together the two countries and brotherly peoples. We believe that the interpretation of those denominators and interests into policies and national options is determined by both countries through its constitutional and political systems. It can not be imposed either on the other. No longer acceptable what is dealing with Lebanon by the sisterly Syria nor by friendly Iran or any friend or a sister or any other State of the nations of the world as a sphere of influence or an open forum for fighting and settle accounts, into Lebanese independent sovereign State. When we asked for the exit of the Syrian army from Lebanon, we did not ask it to replace Lebanon under other country influence. When we asked to investigate by the International Tribunal to uncover the truth in the assassination of Prime Minister Rafik HARIRI and his colleagues, we emphasized that we do not ask and do not want revenge, but justice without politicization. We hope to deter criminals and ensure the security and stability of Lebanon, which has suffered from assassinations and bombings of political leaders, civil and spiritual, military and security cultural elites and loved ones of innocent citizens, threatening the safety and stability.




The emphasis on building the Lebanese-Syrian relations on the basis of equality and mutual respect is the premise for the opening of a new page between the two sister countries and require a joint commitment on the principles and directions following positions:


First: that the relations between the Syrians and Lebanese, as is the case with other sovereign nations, must pass through the two governments. This does not mean that only the relations must be between the official channels. The social, economic and cultural links between Lebanon and Syria people are to improve official relations between the governments. However, that does not mean allowing the establishment of political, security, military and regulatory relations, directly between any of the groups or factions in the other country, far from the official authorities of the State and constitutional institutions.


Second: that both the Syrian and Lebanese governments should commit not to use its territory to lead to destabilization in the other country. It must also abide by each not to use the territory of the other country and facilitate the use of those lands for the political or military or security purposes without the formal consent of the country concerned.


Third: The establishment of normal relations between any two independent and neighbouring countries, require diplomatic relations between them. Therefore, the Lebanese government sees the need to exchange diplomatic representation between Lebanon and Syria as soon as possible and without delay.


Forth: The official demarcation of the Lebanese border, identified with sisterly Syria is natural, necessary and useful. It prevents the many problems between the two sister countries and avert risks. The occupied Shebaa farms border to determine the compatibility between the two maps should be given at top priority. It would specifically help Lebanon in the liberation of their land under UN Resolution No. 425 (1949 Armistice Agreement). And Lebanon, which rejects the establishment of a single peace with the Zionist entity, wants to re-work Convention on the truce based on the provisions of the seven-points endorsed by the Lebanese Council of Ministers and endorsed by the Arab Foreign Ministers Council, particularly with regard to liberate the Shabaa Farms, and the declaration of a permanent ceasefire as stipulated in the Security Council Resolution No. 1701. The objectives of a reintroduction of the Convention on the truce, and the extension of State authority over all Lebanese territory, not only derive from the resolutions of international outgoing mentioned, but also from the both foundations of the Taif agreement and the Lebanese constitution.

Therefore, we call on our sister Syria, cooperation and explicit declaration supporting Lebanon in its efforts to maintain its national rights.

Fifth: Based on the Taif Agreement, and support for stability and the protection of Lebanon from terrorism and the chaos of arms, the Lebanese agreed in the national dialogue on policing and weapons inside the Palestinian camps, and the removal of camps arms and of the armed Palestinian factions centres outside the camps. To achieve this, and due to the factions presence linked to the Syrian authorities in those camps and the Syrian border inside Lebanese territory in some Palestinian camps, the response and cooperation of the Syrian authorities to remove peacefully these armed factions is vital to the security and stability of Lebanon and the safety procedure.


Sixth: The serious understanding between Lebanon and Syria sponsored by the Arab League on the principles and steps that I mentioned in addition to other issues must be resolved, such as the issue of missing persons and the Lebanese detainees in Syria's prisons, which would put relations between the two countries on a new path, the path of genuine brotherhood and good neighbourliness. It goes back to where things should be between two brothers and independent neighbours with historical ties.




Arab kings and presidents,

Dear Lebanese,

Dear brothers in the Syrian Arabs,

Lebanon, which bear the burdens of the Palestinian cause and Arab issues, remain committed to (Arabism)national issues, as required by membership of the Arab League and require him close cooperation with its Arab brothers.

However, Lebanese state present bad situation: vacuum at the head of the state, closure of the parliament, effects of the recent Israeli aggression sabotage, continuing Israeli occupation of the Shebaa Farms, Israel's continued aggression on the Lebanese airspace and waters, Israel keeping of  Lebanese detainees in Israeli prisons, and persistent political crisis, could not help duties towards its citizens. Lebanon therefore looks across this government for continued attention from the Arab States, and the continuation of Arab support, on the basis of belonging, commitment and belief in our common Arab action, and the Arab common interest.

The Arabs helped in their support for Lebanon in the war, peace, prosperity and hardship. The Trustees remain in Lebanon, in our belonging to the Arab Identity, in Arabs future and their presence and destinies. For these shared values, Lebanon pained martyrs in the face of the enemy.


We reject to go to the summit in Damascus, because we refuse to go without a chairman. We abstain from attending the summit in Damascus because the policies and practices of sisterly Syria towards Lebanon. The most important manifestation now is the vacuum at the top of the Lebanese state.

The Arabs consider Lebanon civilized experience. Therefore, we are confident that save Lebanon and its formula is capital for all the region.

Lebanon does not see umbrella better than Arab umbrella, and that Arabism should remain the shield which protects and does not threaten. I call Arab leaders to develop Lebanese-Syrian relations question in the early priorities including access to the convening of a special meeting of Arab foreign ministers, as soon as possible. This is the work of the Arab League.

Lebanon will remain an Arab homeland, free, sovereign and independent.

Long live to Arab solidarity for championing the causes of the Arab nation and its future.

Long live to Lebanon people.




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